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My broken hip

Peering through the roof of the sunrise chamber
Peering through the roof of the sunrise chamber

On Saturday evening, August 15, 2015 I broke my right hip. Feel free to use your imagination as to the what I was doing.  That night I was transported to Renown in Reno. It should be noted that another Susanville resident and friend of mine, Dave Foster also broke his right hip and was transported to Renown. Early Sunday, Dr. Bray operated on Dave, and then did me. Currently, we are both at Hearthstone in Sparks for rehab.

Every now and then there might not be a daily post, because the drafts are in a word file on a different computer. However, during my recovery I have drafted articles requested by subscribers: Susanville Coca Cola Plant, Secret Valley Paiute, Part One of Susanville Bordellos to name a few, bit will be awhile before they go on line.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during my recovery.

Tim I. Purdy

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Lake Almanor Story

Lake Alma book
The dust jacket

Today’s topic is just a little bit strange. First of all, I must confess when it comes to self promotion, I flunk in that department. My passion is research, preserving and writing the region’s rich and diverse heritage. Of course, it takes money to do it, so one option was book publishing. Of course, that medium is changing rapidly, and that is not where I am going today. Continue reading Lake Almanor Story

Your Topic

Susanville's Antler's Club, 1923. The Antler's Club, was a sub-group until its members were granted a charter as the Elk's organization.
Susanville’s Antler’s Club, 1923. The Antler’s Club, was a sub-group until its members were granted a charter as the Elk’s organization.

I thought I would take this opportunity to inquire as to if anyone had a certain topic they would like to see in a future post.  There is no rhyme or reason as to what appears on a daily basis. Some are purely accidental by nature, while researching one topic, I come across information totally irrelevant from the search. A prime example was that of the Edsel Dealership. In essence that was the foundation for my original research. I started with Buster McKissick, which introduced me to the town of Amedee, that led to boating on Honey Lake. Thus, it is a never ending process, one item leads into the next.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy these daily postings. So drop me a line, if there is something you would like addressed.

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Oh My!

The carnage
The carnage

As a community service for the health and safety of those visiting the Lassen County Fairgrounds, no matter how careful one parks there are those reckless careful drivers that are of a different mindset.

Three years ago today, while part of the volunteer crew of the Lassen High Alumni Association in preparation of setting up for the all class reunion picnic in Jensen Hall, did I have one of those experiences. Some may recall when the fair manager backed into my parked 1964 TR4 Triumph.

Next came the trauma, or drama, to fix it. Needless to say, I was out thousands of dollars to repair it. More importantly, its all water under the bridge so to speak, and I am back to driving it again, though the intermittent rainy showers has made it a challenge with top down.

Before the carnage.

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Dear Subscribers

Homer Lake
Homer Lake, well worth the visit, but that is not the direction we will be going.

You will be receiving a private email shortly with more details about our exclusive tour, including the June date, etc for this most interesting and first of its kind tour in Lassen County. It should be noted that in 1992 a small international gathering occurred there—representing Australia, Europe and South America.

In addition, still working out some technical issues, but hopefully in the near future everyone will receive daily updates, or opt into a digest form.


1600 Main Street

Pardee campaign headquarters, October 1978

Part news and part history. On April 28, the first hurdle was made for the construction of a 17,400 square foot Rite Aid store. The store, along with the parking lot will encompass the entire 1600 block of Main Street. Of course, this site was the former home of Potter’s Maternity Home on the corner of Main and Park. In 1966, United California Bank took over this location and constructed their bank, which held an open house of February 27, 1967. It has housed a number of financial institutions since then. Of course, on the corner of Main and Ash was Baxter’s Flying “A” Service Station.  After it closed, for a brief time in 1978 it housed Jim Pardee’s campaign headquarters for Lassen County Superior Court Judge, and then was subsequently torn down and has been a vacant ever since.

According to records filed with the city the bronze plaque commemorating Potter’s will be preserved and replaced on the site. The fire department has sought authorization to conduct fire training on the bank and remaining vacant residences scheduled for demolition. It is Rite Aid’s goal to be in their new location by the of 2015.

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Historic Weather Patterns

Gallatin Beach
Gallatin Beach, Eagle Lake, 1940.

On Thursday May 28, 2015 at 1:30 p.m. in the Lassen County Board of Supervisors room at 707 Nevada Street, Susanville the Eagle Lake Interagency Board will be holding one of their regular meetings.

I will do a presentation on historic weather patterns. Some of the interesting events will be the drought of the 1850s; the devastating floods of 1861-62; the extreme wet cycle of 1907-1916, which was followed by the 20-year drought of 1917-1937. The meeting, of course, is open to the public.

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Fun Times Ahead

Eagle Lake Trail
Let’s Go Exploring!

Dear Subscribers:  As promised I mentioned at least one, if not more special tours, as a special way to thank you for your support. While working on June posts, I  realized there is a unique annual natural/historic event that occurs in Lassen County during that month. While it is known internationally, very few people know of it locally. This year it just happens to fall on a weekend.  Once everything is put together, subscribers will be receiving an email with details.

In addition, you will receive a copy of J. H. Rudolph’s hard to find published account about this exotic feature . Those who reside too far away or have a previous engagement will still receive it.

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Brockman Ranch

Brockman Ranch
The barn is far to the left, as the Brockman Ranch appeared in 1903.

I realize that the Edsel Dealership was to be today’s topic, but a recent event prompted the change. On Wednesday afternoon, April 29, the old Brockman barn on Johnstonville Road went up on flames. In 1864, William Brockman and Jurgen Jensen were partners in a blacksmith shop in Susanville. A few years later they dissolved it. The two men located on nearby ranches on Johnstonville Road. After a 1947 suicide of a Brockman family member that occurred in the barn, the ranch after three generations of ownership was sold.

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Lassen High Alumni

Lassen High

Something a little bit different. On the third Saturday of June, the Lassen High Alumni Association holds it all alumni picnic in Susanville. Alumni come far and near to attend this event, some 400+. For me its always been fun, and I can conduct a lot of historical research in one afternoon. For your reading enjoyment, I provide you with the Alumni’s April newsletter, which has a lot of interesting reading material. Clink on the link below to open the PDF file.

Alum News Apr. 15