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Holy Cow! Holy Days!

Tanner Ranch, 1934.
Only two weeks ago, did we experience a trifecta of the full moon, which has not happened since 1866, but now we observe another unusual event. Today is Ash Wednesday and Valentines Day, the last time this occurred was in 1945. If we abide by the affect that things happen in threes, well Easter Sunday and April Fools Day share the same date this year.

Anniversary Time

Main entrance to the Susanville Cemetery, February 8, 2015
Three years ago, on February 5, 2015, I launched this website, without much fan fare. Partly due to the fact the region was hit with a violent windstorm, and by that afternoon the region was without power. Even when power was restored, it would still take several days to upload the various archive and cemetery records. In addition, it was a big learning curve for me, and still is, and I still frustrated with the Login feature.
On March 1, 2015, I began doing the daily postings. It was not until April after I became a bit more proficient with the daily posts, that the subscription feature appeared. I do thank all of you who subscribe for your support. Finally, I just signed another three year contract with the server, so I plan to be around for some time.

February Preview

Wingfield’s Meadowbrook Ranch circa 1911. Courtesy of Fred and Alyce Bangham
A little bit of everything is on tap from the Ravendale Post Office’s forthcoming celebration to Fletcher Walker’s 1927 “snowball brigade.” Among other topics is that of the Fairview School and the Susanville Congregational Church. Two items that I just keep procrastinating is the legend of the Holden Dick Mine. The other is about the famed explorer Leonard Clark who grew up in the Honey Lake Valley and graduated from Lassen High School in 1919. Clark had numerous relatives in the region including the Brubeck and Litch families. In addition, he was married to George Wingfield’s daughter. Stay tuned.

A Smoke Creek Tour?

Smoke Creek Desert
Smoke Creek Desert looking towards Sheepshead, fall, 1977
The post about Mott’s Mine in the Smoke Creek Desert generated a lot of interest. One subscriber wanted to about if the BLM tours that were done, it what seems like in a previous life could be resurrected. For those not familiar, the BLM archaeologist, Don Manuel and myself as a historian, conducted tours to Smoke Creek, Skedaddle Dam and so forth. Stan Bales, also of BLM, and I even did an east side Eagle Lake tour. One item of note, is Don has since retired. Another factor at play, is whether the BLM has any interest to do tours and I am out of the loop so to speak, with the current BLM personnel. So, I guess the questions are one is there that much interest and two how to proceed?

Adopt A Pika

My personalized adoption certificate.
The Lassen Loomis Association established in 1939 provides a variety of educational aids among other items to support Lassen Volcanic National Park. Last year they instituted a Adopt A Pika program. Your $25 donation will assist in monitoring the American pika population at Lassen Volcanic, and also to help educate the public about this important program. In addition, you receive a life-sized pika stuffed animal; a personalized adoption certificate and an American pika fact sheet.


Ask Tim

Triangle Rock
On a quarterly basis, I ask you the reader, if there is something you would like to learn more about or maybe its something you heard, but question its validity. So here is an opportunity to participate. I will do my best to answer any questions. It should be noted, it may take awhile for the answer to appear as a post. The primary reason, many of the daily posts are done nearly a month in advance. So by the time you read this I am already working on posts for the middle of February, or at least I should be. Whatever the case may be, I look forward to hearing from you. Of course, it should be noted that paid subscribers requests receive priority. In addition, you can always send a request at any time.


Happy New Year

Will we have a big January snowstorm this month?
Personally, after 2017’s roller coaster of a year for me, I am certainly welcoming 2018. One item on tap this year is the Susanville Mural Tour that was stalled last year. Besides the story behind the mural itself, the tour will include the history of the building it is depicted on. For instance the building the Big Wheels mural is on, was built in 1947 for Williams Furniture.


Harvesting the Crops

The last memoirs of the late Glenn Wemple.
Harvesting the Crops: the Final Recollections of a Milford Rancher are the memoirs of the late Glenn Wemple which was released last month. Glenn wrote and many a soul has experienced this a similar episode: “As I have written earlier I always said I was never going to be a rancher, but honestly I didn’t have any idea what I wanted to do. Thanksgiving dinner in 1950 was the turning point in my adult life.” For those interested the publication is available in Susanville at Margie’s Book Nook.

Last Call for Eagle Lake Calendars

2018 Eagle Lake Calendar
If you have not purchased this special limited edition calendar, time is running out. There is a handful of calendars available at Margie’s Book Nook. I will accept orders for one more week. Here are your options (1) You can order online from this site.(2) You can purchase them in Susanville at Margie’s Book Nook. If you do this method let me know, your calendar order will be set aside to pick up when it is convenient for you (3) You can have your calendar(s)sent to you with an invoice.