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Scotts, a Western Pacific station in Long Valley. Courtesy of the Nevada Historical Society
First of all, wishing everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Personally, I am thankful for readers of the posts who are quite supportive and inform me how much they enjoy them and learn. For me, that is important, a little encouragement goes a long ways, and the posts are a learning experience for me as well.

Tim Purdy

Books Galore!

Plenty of titles to choose from.
This is a good time as any to remind visitors to this site that there are a wide variety of books available on the region’s history, that can be found on this website. With the holidays fast approaching you might want to share a piece of local history with someone, or maybe give a gift to yourself. Over the next couple of weeks, I will highlight some of the titles.

2018 Eagle Lake Calendars

2018 Eagle Lake Calendar
They are now available and here are your options (1) You can order online from this site.* (2) You can purchase them in Susanville at Margie’s Book Nook. If you do this method let me know, your calendar order will be set aside to pick up when it is convenient for you (3) You can have your calendar(s)sent to you with an invoice or (4) if you happen to be Martin Balding you know the routine.

*I know it shows the 2017 calendar. I am hoping to have a new computer shortly, since my old browser will not allow me to edit pages. Thanks for your patience.


Coppervale, courtesy of Lassen College
If you do not have any plans, you may want to attend the annual fundraiser for the Coppervale Ski Hill tomorrow, Friday, November 3 from 4:30 -8 pm. It will be held at the Lassen Community College Cafeteria /Student Union, featuring a teriyaki chicken and rice dinner with a salad, roll and a drink as well as live music, door prizes, a raffle and a silent auction.

All proceeds will help keep Coppervale open. Tickets are available at the LCC Student Union or at Margie’s Book Nook. The cost for this event is $12 for adults and $8 for children under 12.
P.S. If you want to know the history behind Coppervale it can be found in Volume 4 of the Red River Series, which includes the history of the roadhouses between Susanville and Westwood. Also, in December is the history behind Willard Hill and how it ties into Coppervale.

Give the gift of Lassen County history

Standish, 1908
Not sure what to give that special someone, but want to keep the budget balanced too? Why not a gift membership to At five dollars a month it is a bargain. You can decided whether for a month, quarter or even splurge for a year.

The recipient not only receives a daily email notification of the latest topic, but is entitled to hard to find papers on the Eagle Lake Ice Caves, too. On top of that they can partake in members only tours varying from a summer solstice observance at an ancient solar observatory to a light hearted Halloween Tour. Even if that person on your list is not local, they still receive materials associated with the tours.

Information on subscriptions is found right here. Have a question drop me a line at

Ask Tim

Summer Solstice Tour, 2017
On a quarterly basis, I ask you the reader, if there is something you would like to learn more about or maybe its something you heard, but question its validity. So here is an opportunity to participate. I will do my best to answer any questions. It should be noted, it may take awhile for the answer to appear as a post. The primary reason, many of the daily posts are done nearly a month in advance. So by the time you read this I am already working on posts for the middle of November, or at least I should be. Whatever the case may be, I look forward to hearing from you. Of course, it should be noted that paid subscribers requests receive priority. In addition, you can always send a request at any time.

Lassen County Cemetery Tour

What a wonderful turnout for the Lassen County Courthouse Centennial Cemetery Tour. The graves visited were Howard Meylert (County Treasurer), Augustus “Cass” Hunsinger, (County Sheriff), Harry Burroughs (Superior Court Judge), Lowell Frost (Cemetery Sexton), Doctor Z.N. Spalding (County Superintendent of Schools), W.R. Harrison (District Attorney), Wright P. Hall (County Clerk), Thomas N. Long (Honorary), William D. Minckler (County Surveyor), Russell Brownell, (County Assessor) and Henry Clay Stockton, Supervisor, District One. Subscribers, of course, receive a copy of the narrative.

The Thomas Newton Long family plot, September 16, 2017

Lassen Cemetery Plots

Lassen Cemetery
Main Entrance
What the heck, since a portion of my day will be doing a cemetery tour as part of the Lassen County Courthouse Centennial Celebration, for those interested I do have some Lassen Cemetery real estate for sale. Personally, I three contiguous plots, and the Maurino family has an individual plot on the market. It should be duly noted the County of Lassen sells plots at $1,000 each.


The Non-Existent Pioneer Cemetery

Susanville Cemetery entrance prior to the February 5, 2015 windstorm

The September 12, 2017 issue of the Lassen County Times stated there will be a tour of the Pioneer Cemetery. I hate disappoint folks, but there is no Pioneer Cemetery. It is a figment of someone’s imagination. The tour is that of the Susanville Cemetery. The nearest so-named Pioneer Cemetery is located in Alturas.