Buffalo Meadows Cemetery

Buffalo Meadows Cemetery, Smoke Creek, Nevada
Buffalo Meadows Cemetery, Smoke Creek Desert, Nevada, 1984

Those who know me well, are aware that I have a special affinity for cemeteries. The Buffalo Meadows Cemetery in the Smoke Creek Desert,  I know very little about, and I would certainly like to know more. According Asa M. Fairfield he noted that an immigrant girl by the name of Susan DeWitt died near the salt marsh and was buried near there. Fairfield went on that some thought that it was this Susan for whom the Susan River was named for.  If anyone can shed more information about this cemetery I would certainly like to hear from you.

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  1. When Buffalo Salt Works was active there were enough kids for a school as there was a school near by the cemetery. One of the guys found a military button near the school as well.

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