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Untold StoriesUntold Stories

by Jere Baker – Art Porter – Tim Purdy – David Wemple

Softcover, 6×9, 127 pages,
ISBN: 978-0-938373-58-7
Price $22.95

Surprise, surprise with a line-up of interesting authors with stories you never heard about. The collection includes tales of buried treasure, hot springs hanky-panky, murder, divorce and more!

A variety of untold facets of Lassen County comes to life whether it be Zamboni Hot Springs or Lassen’s Monuments, but not the man.

Milford takes center stage during the early 1950s with fire, flood, and snow. In the 1930s, the Army used Honey Lake for aerial training. Military might of the late 20th century comes to light with an ode to the bombing detonations of Sierra Army Depot.

Peter Lassen Grave
Lassen’s original gravestone as it appeared in 1905

In other developments don’t miss Doctor Compton’s failed mineral spring resort for Susanville and Chauncey Smith’s Elixir Springs legacy.

MemoriesMemories of a Rancher
from the Land of the Never Sweats

By Claude C. Wemple

6×9; 370 pages; illustrated;
ISBN 0-9632366-1-X
Price $10.00


This autobiography of the late Milford patriarch recounts his life in ranching from the turn of the century to 1952. As reviewed in the Oregon Historical Society Quarterly, they noted “The author’s reminiscences of cattle ranching and horse breeding will no doubt spark similar memories in the minds of readers who have experienced the ranching life first hand.

Moreover, the author’s detailed memories and colloquial style are engaging, and therefore also of potential interest to general readers of rural life in Northern California.

Neil Wemple bookMemories of a World War II B-29 Bomber Pilot

By Neil Waldon Wemple

Softcover 6×9, 379 pages,
ISBN: 978-0 938373-10-2
Price $18.00

Neil’s autobiography about his life and adventures as a B-29 Bomber Pilot during World War II. The Milford native became fascinated with airplanes, when in 1931, the U.S Army Corps sent a squadron of P-12’s to train on the dry Honey Lake bed, not far from his home. Among the items Wemple shares was his experience in participating in World War II’s longest flying missions,