BookHeader1Links to Lahontan Images Publications

Eagle Lake                 California’s second largest natural lake.
Lassen County Almanac     An A-Z guide to Lassen County.
Susanville                  At a Glance: A Susanville History
Fruit Growers Supply Company   Sunkist & The Wooden Box
Sagebrush Reflections    The History of Amedee and Honey Lake
Sacred Heart Church       The history of Susanville’s Church 
Drakesbad                               Sixty Years of Siffords at Drakesbad
Lassen County at 150      An entertaining look at Lassen’s past.
Untold Stories        A variety of untold facets of Lassen County
Claude Wemple    Memories of a Rancher
Donald T. Garate         Termo to Madeline
Red River      History of the Red River Lumber Company (Vol 1-4)
     The Early Years, The Glory Years, The Turbulent Thirties
Lassen Volcanic                  A History of Lassen Volcanic National Park
Lassen High DVD              15,000 pages and 116 yearbooks
2017 Purdy’s Private Reserve Calendar   A great selection of historic photographs