Standish Cemetery

 Standish, Lassen County

Standish CemeteryInformation compiled by Tim I. Purdy

The Standish Cemetery is located in an alfalfa field, approximately 300 yards west of the Standish Bible Church and 15 miles east of Susanville.   The cemetery is located on private property.   Only one tombstone remains today.   The compiler has been informed that there were more.   In addition, County records indicate that some graves were removed to the Janesville Cemetery.

Pringle, Mary A. – d. June 9, 1901 aged 41 years, 11 months and 24 days

The following is listing of those interred in the cemetery, but have no headstone and/or marker.

Fuller, Abigail A. – d. May 3, 1906
Ganyon, Infant – d. July 4, 1914
Huntington, Infant – d. April 14, 1905
Penman, Mary Ann – d. December 21, 1918
Winslow, Minnie – d. October 5, 1905