McKissick Family Cemetery

Secret Valley, Lassen County, California

McKissick Family CemeteryThis is a private family cemetery located on the old Daniel McKissick ranch in Secret Valley, approximately 25 miles northeast of Susanville, California.

This information was compiled by Tim I. Purdy and first visited the cemetery on 20 May 1978

Corran, Nick – no dates [no marker for the grave]*
McKissick, Daniel – d. 26 June 1895 aged 76 years, 7 months and 3 days
McKissick, Jennie – d. 1899 [no marker for the grave]
McKissick, John Best – d. 11 December 1914 [no marker for the grave]
McKissick, John D. – Pvt. 125 Inf. 32 Div. D. 13 March 1936
McKissick, Melissa – d. 18 December 1896 aged 73 years 10 months and 15 days
Montieth Family – **
Tipton, Martha – d. 13 February 1931 [no marker for the grave]***
Wartel, Hannah J. Wilkerson – b. 20 February 1876 d. 5 October 1958
Wilkerson, Etta Ma – b. 20 March 1875 d. 6 April 1950

*According to the family Corran was not a relative but worked as a ranch hand for the family for many years.

**Since 1996 three members of the Montieth family have been interred, including that of Eileen Montieth who did considerable research on the McKissick Family.

***Conflicting data – family states that Martha is buried at Secret Valley, yet on the other hand there is a marker for her grave in the Susanville Cemetery.