Dry Valley Cemetery

Dry Valley, Lassen County

Dry ValleyInspection and research by Tim I. Purdy on May 14, 1978.  Location Map

The Dry Valley Cemetery is located in the north central portion of Lassen County, located between Grasshopper Valley and the Madeline Plains, and approximately 50 miles north of Susanville.   On inspection of the cemetery there were no markers that were readable.   The were two headstones that were removed, their bases still remain.   Upon research of the cemetery the compiler was informed that at one time there several tombstones, but over the years they have been stolen.   The cemetery was deeded to Lassen County in 1918 by P.E. Bowles.

The following are the only known internments:

James Keith – died January 2, 1916.

Levi Conklin – died April 15, 1925.

Dry Valley Cemetery, August 4, 2016.
Dry Valley Cemetery, August 4, 2016.