Lassen County Cemeteries

Cemeteries of Lassen County

Name Location
Amedee Cemetery Amedee
Ash Valley Cemetery  Between Adin and Madeline
Diamond Crest Cemetery Johnstonville
Doyle Cemetery Doyle
Dry Valley Cemetery Cleghorn Flat
Hayden Hill Cemetery Hayden Hill
Hillside Cemetery Bieber
Honey Lake Cemetery CalNeva Lake
Indian Heights Cemetery Susanville
Janesville Cemetery Janesville
Johnstonville Cemetery* Johnstonville
Lake Cemetery Buntingville
Lassen Cemetery Susanville
Lassen’s Monument (private) South of Susanville
Long Valley Cemetery
Madeline Cemetery Madeline
McKissick Family Cemetery Secret Valley
Milford Cemetery Milford
Mountain Meadows Cemetery
Mountain View Cemetery Big Swamp
Native American Burial Grounds
Ravendale Cemetery Ravendale
Standish Cemetery Standish
Susanville Cemetery Susanville
Westwood Cemetery East Westwood
Willow Creek Cemetery Willow Creek Valley
* Location Map Only