Anniversary Time

Susanville Cemetery entrance prior to the February 5, 2015 windstorm

Two years ago, on February 5, 2015, I launched this website, without much fan fare. Partly due to the fact the region was hit with a violent windstorm, and by that afternoon the region was without power. Even when power was restored, it would still take several days to upload the various archive and cemetery records. In addition, it was a big learning curve for me, and still is, a little more about that later.

On March 1, 2015, I began doing the daily postings. It was not until April after I became  a bit more proficient with the daily posts, that the subscription feature appeared. I do thank all of you who subscribe for your support.

Register/Member Log In Feature as some of you have experienced, its not quite functioning. There is a glitch somewhere, that I have not figured it out.  At the moment nothing is blocked, but I want to change that so certain posts are available for subscribers only. In addition, I have a 1939 film of the Christensen Ranch operations, that I want to put up, but first I need to fix the register problem.

Main entrance to the Susanville Cemetery, February 8, 2015. A casualty of the windstorm three days prior. I have it on good authority that a new entrance will be placed this spring, or at the latest by Memorial Day.

Onward we go, with a final note. In the month of March, there are a few posts from early 2015 that will appear, for many they will be new. I am hoping by the end of the month, to have sorted through everything in my mother’s house (estate sale pending) and when that occurs I can return to a more normal schedule.


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  1. I am still amazed that you can come up with something new and interesting every day. Congratulations on your second anniversary! Wishing you continued success going forward.

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