Anniversary Time

Main entrance to the Susanville Cemetery, February 8, 2015
Three years ago, on February 5, 2015, I launched this website, without much fan fare. Partly due to the fact the region was hit with a violent windstorm, and by that afternoon the region was without power. Even when power was restored, it would still take several days to upload the various archive and cemetery records. In addition, it was a big learning curve for me, and still is, and I still frustrated with the Login feature.
On March 1, 2015, I began doing the daily postings. It was not until April after I became a bit more proficient with the daily posts, that the subscription feature appeared. I do thank all of you who subscribe for your support. Finally, I just signed another three year contract with the server, so I plan to be around for some time.

4 thoughts on “Anniversary Time”

  1. You make our day. Love checking in to see what you have posted.
    Often wonder what they did with all the marble and decorative teller windows in the Bank of America that you showed being demolished. What were the big columns made?
    Thanks for the information about Shirley’s place, What to you have on Fred Geraldo’s riding stable, anything?

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