All Those Doyles!

John W. Doyle (1832-1892). Courtesy of the Nevada Historical Society
The community of Doyle was named for John W. Doyle, who settled in Long Valley in 1859 and spent the rest of his life there and passed away in 1892. He had a brother, Stephen who also became a resident of the Honey Lake Valley and for many years operated the Milford Hotel.

In 1860, James Doyle, no relation to the Long Valley Doyle’s settled at Milford. His great grandson, John Doyle, owned Doyle Motors in Susanville for a number of years. Across Main Street from the former Doyle Motors, on the corner of Main and South Roop Street, is the Del Mar building, which was built in 1914 by Otis Doyle, a Long Valley Doyle.

It can get confusing, and descendants from the two different Doyle families still reside in the region.


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