Alfalfa Weevil Infestation

The inspection station at Jacks Valley, ten miles north of Susanville. It operated from 1931-1934.  Many folks know the location as the cement water trough on Highway 139.

Most people may not be aware the agricultural inspection stations originated with an alfalfa weevil infestation in the southern portion of Lassen County in 1921. The county originally conducted the operations, and in 1923, the state took over.

The infestations spread and more stations were opened one just west of Susanville near the present day intersection of Highway 36 and Eagle Lake Road. Another one ten miles north of Susanville, just before approaching Willow Creek Valley.  These would later be replaced and in 1953, the main station was at Long Valley. In 1976, when the segment of highway 395 was to become a divided highway, the station was in limbo, and the current one was put into place in 1986.



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