A Smoke Creek Tour?

Smoke Creek Desert
Smoke Creek Desert looking towards Sheepshead, fall, 1977
The post about Mott’s Mine in the Smoke Creek Desert generated a lot of interest. One subscriber wanted to about if the BLM tours that were done, it what seems like in a previous life could be resurrected. For those not familiar, the BLM archaeologist, Don Manuel and myself as a historian, conducted tours to Smoke Creek, Skedaddle Dam and so forth. Stan Bales, also of BLM, and I even did an east side Eagle Lake tour. One item of note, is Don has since retired. Another factor at play, is whether the BLM has any interest to do tours and I am out of the loop so to speak, with the current BLM personnel. So, I guess the questions are one is there that much interest and two how to proceed?

8 thoughts on “A Smoke Creek Tour?”

  1. A Smoke Creek tour would be fun. BLM Susanville should have a PR specialist to contact, as well as the current archaeologist. Each BLM office is different, but it would be worth calling them to see. Sometimes BLM provides a passenger van on such tours, with overflow people in a caravan behind. David Teeter downtown might have some ideas.

  2. We took your tour circa 20+ years ago. It was memorable. We talk about it often. We all needed 4WD vehicles and had to bring a bag lunch, etc. We now live in Reno but would recommend it to anyone if you can get another together again. Good luck!

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