A PBS Plea

Part of the troops on the Summer Solstice 2017 trip. Thank you Margaret for the photograph.

First of all, I truly appreciate those who subscribe and/or donate to help “keep the lights on” so to speak. There is a bit of irony that is the non-subscribers who post the most comments about any daily topic.  In addition, many non-subscribers inform me how much they enjoy the daily posts.

Of course, there are associated costs such as web host and domain fees, which are given. Then there are those hidden surprises, such as in when Scott Lawson of the Plumas County Museum and Susanville resident Susan Wannebo alerted about a classified ad in the Plumas papers concerning an old trunk in the bay area with a collection of photographs of the Susanville.  I made contact with the party and while the trunk was free, shipping was not, but it was a $100 well spent.

I know this may get lost with the upcoming 4th of July holiday, but even if one person steps up to donate and/or subscribe, that is still better than none.




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  1. I subscribe and I appreciate the work and expense you put in to this blog. The pictures are also wonderful to see. I would recommend any of your readers who are not subscribers to please help support Tim’s efforts!

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