A Marysville Merchant

Big Meadows Maidu Camp, 1887. Courtesy of the National Park Service
Big Meadows [now Lake Almanor] Maidu Camp, 1887. Courtesy of the National Park Service
If there was a text book history of Lassen County, N.D. Rideout name would probably not show up, and if it did it would be an obscure footnote. ¬†Yet, this Marysville merchant did exercise some influence on the region, especially when he became an investor in a short line railroad known as the Northern California. When T.B. Walker’s Red River Lumber Company began acquisition of timberland in Northern California, the two men became acquainted. After all, Walker was in need of a railroad to access his holdings, and Rideout owned one. In 1906, Rideout and Walker reached an agreement wherein the Northern California Railroad would build a line from Red Bluff to Fall River Mills, where Walker intended to build his first sawmill in California. However, in 1907, Rideout abruptly died, and everything came to a halt.

However, Rideout, also left a bit of legacy behind as he had an interest in photography. He was amateur photographer, long before cameras were common place. In 1887, he took several photographs including the one above, and also one of Drakesbad.


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