A Cornerstone Story

W.H. Weeks rendering of the new high school.

With a lot of pomp and ceremony the local Masonic Lodge featured prominently in the laying of the cornerstone of the new Lassen County High School building on September 23, 1905. When the high school was formed it held its classes in the Susanville Grammar School, later renamed Washington. In 1904, the trustees purchased the Main Street campus for $2,000. The next step was to build the school. In July 1905, the Granite Rock Company was awarded to build the landmark building at a cost of $25,670. It was designed by W.H. Weeks of Watsonville, California.  Placed in the cornerstone were copies of Lassen Advocate, Lassen Weekly Mail, Big Valley Gazette, Programme of the Day, List of Town Trustees, Copy of Red Book, List of County Officers, and Rays from the Purple. Whether the cornerstone was saved when the school was torn down in 1968, is not known.


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