A bell of a story

Methodist Church
The aftermath of the 1915 fire.
On October 29, 2017 I wrote a story about the first bell of the Methodist Church that was destroyed in the 1915 fire. It was a devastating blow to the congregation emotionally as well as financially. The church was insured for $5,000, but they would need an additional $3,000 to rebuild, and that included using the existing walls. The Rev. J.H. Westervelt who was the pastor at the time was a resourceful fellow such as holding a Kirmes Festival as a fundraiser. In 1916, an opportunity for a bell arose when Lassen County was in the midst of
The infamous bell. Courtesy of Martin Balding
constructing a new courthouse. The old courthouse, which was built in 1867, along with other items were auctioned off and sold at a bargain, and Westervelt acquired the bell that was used in the original courthouse, for his church. That bell is still used to this day.

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