1882 Wages

Haying at the Elledge Ranch, near Standish, 1900. Courtesy of Camilla Moody
If you were gainfully employed in Lassen County in the early 1880s, the following was the prevailing wage. Regular farm hands with board were paid $30 to $40 a month. If you happen to just work at harvest time such as haying $2 a day, and possibly board. The sheep industry was a major component in Lassen County’s agricultural community and sheepherders salary ranged from $25 to $40 a month. The task of sheep shearing was paid at 6 cents a head.

In the lumber industry the head sawyer was paid $75 a month, plus board, while the average mill worker received $40 a month plus board. Since firewood was a much needed commodity those laborers were paid on the average 75 cents per cord.


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