Tim Purdy Presents

Exploring Lassen County’s Past and more . . .

1970 was a turning point in my life, that I had no idea what kind of adventures it would lead to. It began so innocently when Frank Satica told me the tale that the World’s First Champion Cowboy was buried in Secret Valley. For once in my youth I had serious doubts what Frank had told me. After all previous experiences with adults, I was so gullible and naive, I believed a lot of things told to me that were not true. This I had to check out, and by golly it was true! It is John Best “Buster” McKissick who earned that title in 1876.

Yet, from researching McKissick’s exploits, it led from one thing to another. So here I am five decades later still delving into the region’s history. So take a moment to explore and learn more. Keep checking in, as things will be routinely changing, especially with the historical daily posts and more.

Tim I. Purdy